Certitude Managed Outcomes

Certitude Managed Outcomes has been created to offer IT and Business Leaders a fresh approach to Statement of Work and Outcome-Based Project Delivery. Bringing together exceptionally experienced professionals from the world of IT Recruitment & Resourcing we’ve teamed up with Programme & Project Management experts to develop a unique approach to delivering IT projects of any size or scale.

We know the challenges organisations face are complex and unpredictable. Leaders deal with ever more disruption and workplace stress is on the rise. We believe new challenges bring the possibility to learn and change. We see that modern problems require modern solutions.

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Our Offering

With access to one of the largest pools of IT talent in the country we build highly skilled teams led by seasoned Project Delivery Managers. Our Programme & Account Management structure supports all aspects of project mapping, implementation, delivery and review and we offer every project optional access to our own state-of-the-art data driven project management software to ensure projects are delivered on-time and in-budget.


At Certitude Managed Outcomes we offer you a tailored technical solution that is as flexible and scalable as it is affordable. 


To find out more about how we can support your next project visit our dedicated Certitude website: certitude-mo.com