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What our clients say..

UK Utility CIO

International CIO

Hanya's approach was perfect. I have only experienced this type of consulting relationship 2 or 3 times in my career.  
Without Hanya we wouldn't still be in a relationship. They have totally changed our performance and trust levels.

UK Banking IT Director

The Hanya approach takes you out of your comfort zone. Without that though, we would not have got anywhere near the change that we secured. Very impressive.
How well is your key relationship performing?

Relationship Performance Healthcheck

 We believe that better relationships transform outsourcing results. This works for both vendors and clients. 
In today’s world, relationships are more complex and often more vital.  Organisations who drive deeper alignment and collaboration are getting much stronger outcomes than those who do not.
We have created a simple healthcheck service that provides businesses with the understanding of how well they are placed to secure success from their key client and vendor relationships.
Our Healthcheck service:
  • Provides early insight into what the key elements need to be for high performance and how the current performance compares
  • Assesses regulatory compliance in your material outsourcing relationships
  • Drives alignment on shared goals to create compelling joint business value
  • Builds clear feedback and challenge mechanisms
  • Creates an improvement path with quick wins.